#3 How To Take Your Flexibility And Recovery To an alternative Level.

I stretch a great deal but I really didn't notice my flexibility improving much for many years after until I started trying a new method. This method is something I learned from my BJJ professor who is the best BJJ instructor in the world according to various BJJ magazines. In order to do a sport like BJJ for quite some time, you must develop healthy habits that become a part of your life that are implemented daily. This technique is done by performing static stretches after having a hot bath. A sauna will work as well but I prefer a hot bath. When you remain in hot water for about 20-30 minutes your tissues become very supple. You will notice your flexibility increases instantly and you will be capable of going in to stretches more deeply than you usually do. If you keep performing stretches afters hot baths for a couple of weeks, you will cary over this new gained flexibility in your daily life and workouts.

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Think about make sure, not to do, is getting ahead of your self and pushing too difficult during these seasons. Attempt to slowly increase your flexibility and don't push too hard or force anything. Which i stretch for 20 minutes following a 20 minute hot bath. Sometimes do this again routine 2-3 times depending on how sore I am. It works wonders.

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This may tremendously help your recovery and you will be a much more flexible athlete. BJJ players which may have tight glutes and have trouble playing guard should definitely implement this routine. Judo athletes who would like a better flexibility to try and do techniques such as uchimata (wizard) also needs to try this as well. Thai boxers can also put this tool to good use. Athletes need to be more flexible to further improve performance and prevent injury.

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This is a great tip that will serve you well. Make likely to progress slowly.

Check out video below for some static stretching exercises